Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RockRadio993 Logo Contest

Get the Word Out!!!
   Attention! Attention! If you are a talented Graphic Artist or Photographer; and you're in the graphic arts business and you're seeking to reach today's social savvy crowd, then read on!

  New Evolution Entertainment and RockRadio993 are looking to partner with you in the New Year. We want to inspire your artistic expression. If you can throw down to design our station logo; and if you're crowned the winner on February 1st, 2012; you or your company, will be featured and positioned as our Sponsor. You'll have your brand or logo on our website and on the air. We will roll out the red carpet to provide aggressive advertisement on our station to illuminate your product or service.

  So what are you waiting for? Get working - We are excited to see what you come up with!


1. The Logo will become property of New Evolution Entertainment & RockRadio993.
2. Submit as many Logo versions as you'd like before the cut off deadline on January 28, 2012.
3. We will announce the winner on our website. Our Sales Director will contact the winner prior.
4. Please submit your logo in the following format:
       JPEG, Please 3 sizes. Provide the following sizes 776 x192 / 700 x 500 / 120 x 60
5. The winner will be contacted directly.
6. Please submit your name, address, contact number and e-mail information to

7. Logo should consist of the following: RockRadio993 " Bringing The Music To You"
   ( Letters in Red and Numbers in Black)
8. We are a Rock Format and we're looking for professionalism and unique creative flare.
9. Once the winner is determined we will start our process to bring the winner on as our Sponsor for a year. We will provide advertisement, logo or banner space on our website, links and mentions on our live shows.
10. Open to all. You must be 18 years old to participate in this contest.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Join The Music Movement

  What's up Rockers! Good evening to you - We're getting ready to take center stage and start slamming Rock and Metal down your ear hole! We are excited to Rock the community. We hope to partner with great sponsors, advertisers and bands to bring our brand of Radio to you. RockRadio993 is looking for great businesses to partner up with. These relationships will enable us to rock day and night! If you're interested in partnering with us please reach out:  We are kicking the door down to the New Year, We'd like to do it in style with great business partners. We have great marketing packages to help your business!

 RockRadio993 supports local and independent music! FYI - We also support the ARTS.


Robbie Rodriguez
Program Director / On Air Jock
RockRadio993/Temple of Rock

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Turkey with all the fixings

Turkey with all the fixings

Check out my rant on Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Construction Continues On RockRadio993

   We're very excited about bringing our fans Rock & Metal on our terms. The Temple of Rock will continue to rock on our new radio station venture, RockRadio993. This station is currently evolving and forming as we speak, it will soon hit the airwaves in early 2012. Again, in addition to Temple of Rock  you'll have the opportunity to rock to other shows on the station:

The Crypt

 The Lab

Mic Check

Throw Down  

   We are looking forward to partnering with great sponsors and advertisers who'd like to move forward to support our brand of radio. We seek to assault you with great music and so much more 24 hours/7 days a week.

   RockRadio993 promises to provide robust streaming and promises to support the local and national music scene. We believe in providing a voice to untapped talent. As the Program Director I hope to seek out new and talented bands to showcase on the show. We look forward to bringing you our brand of radio. We want the scenes support to continue to rock!

   I wanted to introduce our staff & team members assisting me in building this great station! Veteran Radio Sales Account Representative, Ms. Karen Morton who has taken the reigns as our Sales Director.

   We have Graphic Artist & Professional Photographer, Mr. Anthony Ortiz heading up our Graphic Arts department. Veteran Radio Personality & Voice Over Talent, Ms. Dee Stevens is overseeing our Radio Production. Rounding out our outreach team, we have C-Rod who will provide leadership and direction for the Rockradio993 Street Team.

  We are excited to roll the station out and hope you all will come along for the ride!

Robbie Rodriguez
Program Director / On Air Personality
Temple of Rock
Rock Radio993

Ultima Music Blog: Interview with Godsic (Text)

Ultima Music Blog: Interview with Godsic (Text): Recently, I got the chance to get an interview with the lead singer of an up and coming Swedish melodic death metal band, ...

GodSic on Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 12/03 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

GodSic on Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 12/03 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Check out our interview with Rick who is the lead guitarist for the Swedish band GodSic! Great interview. If you enjoy bands like In Flames, Soil Work you will love GodSic!

Great guy! We wish the band all the best! Maybe they'll hit the states soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

93.3 WFLS Air Check

93.3 WFLS Air Check

I just found a large bag of my old Air Checks from my station. Check it out, I was so green back then! But, I can tell you I had so much fun!

Turkey with all the fixings

Turkey with all the fixings

Wow, check out my Thanksgiving rant!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cindy Rodeo Steedle Driven Livid on Temple of Rock 11/21 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Cindy Rodeo Steedle Driven Livid on Temple of Rock 11/21 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio


Cindy "Rodeo" Steedle rose to fame in 2007 as a contestant on VH1's "Rock of Love" captivating viewers with her steadfast attitude and her charming affection, and of course her laugh. Her appealing charisma landed further appearances on "Rock of Love" seasons 2 and 3, the number one hit VH1 series "I Love Money," and "Charm School" with Sharon Osborne. In 2010, Cindy was featured on the hit VH1 show "Rock of Love Girls, where are they now?" Off camera, Rodeo has used her notability to bring awareness to a cause close to her heart, Save the Horses. She continues to work as a personal trainer, fitness model, and spokeswomen for a fitness supplement company. She is also embarking on a new adventure to host her own show that inspires people, motivates healthy lifestyles and positive stories; and DIMI is working to make this show happen.

Driven Livid:

Resurrected from the ashes of a haunting and violent upbringing, New Orleans native & French Quarter musician Jason Scott Watson was sent out to face the world at an early age and has spent his life capturing the feel and vibe of his voodoo infested homeland of Louisiana and tied it together with his passion, anger and heightened awareness of the world and its infinite problems to bring you songs, sounds, and stories as raw as the long forgotten delta blues, and as powerful as southern metal royalty Pantera, ALICE n CHAINS, and Megadeth. Joined along the same road by writer, composition artist, and paranormal lead guitarist Dan Miranda, DRIVEN LIVID brings you their debut release“ZERO 2 HERO” that has taken a lifetime to make. A ‘collection of everything we all want to say and have felt in our darkest times and loudest outrages, be it about public and domestic violence and hypocrisy, the politically correct and racism, abandonment, world crises or government tyranny.

Sick Circle RebelInc. Hang on the Temple of Rock 11/17 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Potomac Records Recording Artist: Sick Circle

Sick Circle &  Rebel, Inc. Hang on the Temple of Rock 11/17 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Check out the show! We had two great bands on. Take a peek into what's coming up with these bands on the Temple of Rock on Follow the show or you can sign up here to follow my blog page!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Would You Like to Be On Our Street Team?

     We are looking for motivated music fans, who'd like to be part of the RockRadio993 - Temple of Rock Street Team? If you're a big fan of music, and you like to hang with bands and support the scene, well we may have a great opportunity for you! You can become up close and personal with great artist and industry people while supporting the Temple of Rock family! Join us, as we help to push Metal and Rock music back into the hearts and minds of the world!

     We are looking for vibrant, mature and responsible individuals to assist us with our goal to motivate and support the music scene in your area! Our Network of Street Team professionals are just that - Professional. You will volunteer your time to help the Temple of Rock push great rock artists.

    We are currently working on constructing a new Online station to bring you our brand of radio! This station will provide live shows 24/7 with live Jocks and great Music. If you really have the heart and passion for music we want you! In return, you will be our eyes and ears at shows! You will represent the Temple of Rock Team at shows and remotes! We will provide you give - a - ways, and Entry to Events, Music, Tee Shirts! Lastly, you can be called upon to provide Live Call In's to our stations to report on some of the great things happening in your area!


Temple of Rock on & On Demand Podcasting!

and Coming Soon RockRadio993, our 24 hour 7 day a week Online station!

    Hit me up at  for more information and to fill out your personnel application for this great opportunity! Or call our office: 888 200 2157

Thanks for Supporting the Temple of Rock!

Robbie  Rodriguez
Owner of RockRadio993

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are you looking to break into the music business?

                                Check out Potomac Records: presents the Temple of Rock.  Your Host Robbie Rodriguez is proud to be affiliated professionally with Potomac Records. We wanted to provide you with some information on how you can break into the business or enhance your packages if you are an artist:

                                   Potomac Records Services

What Can Potomac Records Do For You?

Potomac Records
is completely aware of the time, dedication, and money invested in order to reach your goals and achieve success in the music business. All of us here at Potomac have multiple offerings to help get your career on the right track.

In every major city like the Washington DC area, you can find a host of studios to record your music. This is where Potomac Records separates itself from the rest, not only do we provide industry standard / professional quality recordings at an affordable rate, but a plan is also put in to place to market the release. If you have already tracked new recordings but are looking for Label representation, Potomac Records can provide the tools needed to launch the new EP/LP.

Contact the Artist Relations Dept at for pricing based on your needs. Payment plans are available.

· Artist Studio Recordings – Potomac Records Engineers Kirk Chaney and Pete Evick will provide beginning to end recording, production, and mastering for your new release. Master disk will be provided to the artist upon completion of recording.

· Digital Distribution – Worldwide
As an Artist representing Potomac Records, your music will be available at 101 Digital Media Outlets in 232 Countries (iTunes,, Napster, eMusic, Spotify, Zune, and more… ). Digital Media is here, and the future of music industry sales. CDs are quickly becoming the Cassette Tape or 8 Track of the 70's and 80's. Potomac Records has all of the tools to effectively market your music electronically (Domestic and International).

· Custom USB DrivesTo replace CD distribution, Potomac Records will provide custom USB drives for Artist to sell at Live performances. USB will include custom graphics (band name and/or album cover image) on the USB; includes all tracks; Electronic Press Kit (EPK); Artist / Album graphics, Bio/Lyrics/Thank you’s, etc..

· Artist Marketing Cards – Potomac Records graphics department will provide Artist Marketing cards to help increase awareness and drive online sales.

· Compact Disks – Potomac Records’ business model is Go Green! Go Digital!, and encourages Artists to promote purchasing through the Digital Media outlets available - iTunes,, eMusic, Napster, Spotify, and more (101 Digital Media outlets total/Worldwide). Potomac Records can provide the new release on CD for Artist to sell at Live performances. CD’s are not be distributed nationally.

· Booking / Artist Management – As an additional service provided to our Artists, Potomac Records can assist with local and national touring.

Legal – Utilize our contacts and relationships! Let Potomac Records assist with the right Legal representation to ensure you protect your investment and career.

Coming Soon! Potomac Records Artist' Gift Cards. We are currently working on distribution of Artist Gift Cards (similar to iTunes Gift Cards) to local DC/VA area businesses. The artist gift card will include custom graphics (Artist name / Album cover image), and a serial code to download the new release.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RockRadio993: Hanging out on the Front Row

RockRadio993: Hanging out on the Front Row: Well we just wrapped the taping of Front Row! I had an absolute blast working with Host David Bayne and Producer Phil Hargis. Thank you...

Hanging out on the Front Row

     Well we just wrapped the taping of Front Row! I had an absolute blast working with Host David Bayne and Producer Phil Hargis. Thank you gentlemen for having me on the show. Our goal is to push great local talent to the next level. The show is a great platform for artists, I hope to work with the show to inspire other great acts to follow suit.

    Tonight we discussed my show the Temple of Rock on, I really was excited about pushing the show. We had a lot of fun. Please contact Front Row or the Temple of Rock if your interested in booking your band. We'd love to discuss it with you or your management team.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sponsorships for the Temple of Rock

   Hey now! It's Thursday night and I'm just home relaxing; its been a long day and I've been trying to change the world one day at a time. It's hard trying to take from Peter to pay Paul kind of thing! The economy sucks right now and I know people are struggling - I'm included in that, trust me! Network - Network - Network! That is the name of the game. We all need to become creative to survive in this job marker. Jobs aren't so easy to find huh? If you lost one, then you know it's taking some of us months to locate one!

   I'm hoping to introduce some Sponsorships and Sponsors to my show, this will assist with that money crunch thing. I'll make some cash to take care of my obligations! If you are truly in my world or being nosy - like some of my ex's or bill collectors, then you know what I mean; for those who think entertainment is just fun all the time you're sadly mistaken. Its a lot of work to produce, compose, arrange or work in entertainment - Yes, the final product is great...wether you rock in front of a camera, you sing, dance or play in a band, its work! Don't forget producing a show on the radio is hard work too! Some way - somehow, we have to make a living! We have bills too! So, if you are following me for entertainment, or your just following me to see if I'm truly working. I've got news for you! Hell -Yes- I'm working two jobs my day job and this one! It may not be the amount of cash I need or want, but I'm trying to get the Man off my back, all I can do is keep trying!

  So, if you have a product or service and you're in need of getting the word out about something. Hit us up! We can provide you with some price points or rates to advertise your stuff. It's a win - win for both you and I! My goal is to help you push your stuff, and I get to pay some of my many obligations which will allow me to resume my life in peace again!

 So, help me out - advertise or have us produce a spot for you or you can hire us to rock your party!

Throw me a bone dude! You can do it, you know you want too!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 10/25 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 10/25 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Due to popular demand, we are now rocking a new show on the Temple of Rock called Mic Check! We will feature new artists looking for a platform to speak about their music. Tonight we will discuss all things rock with veteran Rock Drummer Trenton Priest who is currently the back beat for Metal Band & Eclipse Records Recording Artist's Saint Diablo. He has played with Driven Livid, Dreaming of Eden and many more! Come explore all this drums with Trenton Priest on Mic Check on the Temple of Rock.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Temple of Rock: Mic Check on the Temple of Rock

Temple of Rock: Mic Check on the Temple of Rock: Due to popular demand we are thrilled to bring you Mic Check on the Temple of Rock . We've had great pleasure in speaking too and meeting...

Mic Check on the Temple of Rock

  Due to popular demand we are thrilled to bring you Mic Check on the Temple of Rock. We've had great pleasure in speaking too and meeting with local and independent artists. Each seeking to expand their reach within the music community.We'd like to assist new up & coming artist's in their quest. If you are a solo artist or band trying to inspire, motivate and expand your audience, get in contact with us.

  Your Host, Robbie Rodriguez will jump into the fray to discuss music, marketing and your passion for the craft. He is also a Bassist and Drummer - The Temple of Rock is a station for the arts. We'd like the musical community and its fans to support the show as we help support the artist's. Get your entertainment news, touring information and great insightful interviews on the Temple of Rock. We will discuss why a track was arranged, techniques, composition and arrangements - If your a techno freak, we'll even discuss equipment!

 We will also interview actors,actresses, authors, singers and record companies as will so reach out to us on the Temple of Rock!

  Hang out Tuesday nights on the new show. Mic Check on only on the Temple of Rock!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Entertainment & Music

   Wow, its been a busy month; I've spoken with several artists this month! Its so surreal, yet so much fun! In a months time, things will change for me and for others in the industry. I truly seek to contribute where I can to push and promote great music. This can only happen with your help. You need to get the word out that the Temple of Rock is here on 

   My goal on the Temple of Rock is to bring back that excitement we've once felt growing up listening to our iconic musical heroes. We all just wanted to be able to see and hear our favorite bands. I'd stay up late every night when I was a kid. I just wanted to listen to my favorite bands our attempt to play and instrument or dream I was going to become famous. I spent countless hours trying to master a new riff on my bass. These are the times I've treasured most, it was an innocent time in our lives, a life filled with laughter and joy. I had my fill of long hours being behind a drum kit trying to become famous the next Neil Peart.

   I remember laughing my ass off and gigging with my old band Criminal; I recall all the good times we all shared back in the 80s. Life has changed for so many of us, times are rough right now with the economy the way it is. Its important to escape from time to time; we all have to clear our minds from time to time to accomplish that place we all seek in our minds, that place called zen. I hope to call on and bring on new blood for the show. My goal is to pay tribute to those rockers who have paved the way throughout our years. My ultimate goal is to be a household name, while providing and producing a show which reeks of positive rock and roll vibes!

   We need to increase our numbers at shows and events. We need to support traveling musicians and entertainers who are working so hard to bring us great music and entertainment. Don't forget - before some of our favorite bands have become our iconic heroes; they were all once just a simpler local band! Let's not forget that, support your local bands. 

  I was able to hang out last night at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA. I was invited down to the club by Saint Diablo's front man! We had a great time, I witnessed Saint Diablo on stage, Cannibus Corpse, All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder and so much more!

ALL SHALL PERISH - There Is Nothing Left

Monday, October 10, 2011

Born of Scars 10/10 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Born of Scars 10/10 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Click on the link above to listen to the show! Our guest Born of Scars has a lot to say! Check out the music and the people behind the sound. Right here on the Temple of Rock!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inner Changes

 Its been a lot of hard work to bring you the Temple of Rock; you can catch the show on Tuesday's and Thursday's on We've really enjoyed the music and would really like  to break other bands in! As the Program Director for the show, I seek to provide great opportunities and support for new and established players.

I normally have seen teen aged attempts to impress impulse bands. We are so happy to push our new artists forward  - Our big push and efforts are forging forwarding to provide musical movement for those who I'd to take off. In order to expand the reach of each player. We believe that our issues with the major labels and lack of support in the A & R fields as a whole are a big problem. Should any musical selections be dropped on the Temple of Rock, you can rest assured that we will address it. We will continue to support our musicians and the community as a whole.

We also would like to find artists or musician's who are ready. I'm glad to mention that the TV show Front Row and Potomac Records are also ready to step a head to illuminate issues and celebrate music.We have to continue to network and to provide a positive environment, which would be a path to stardom. Its great to see youngsters and the young at heart trying to formulate a plan to motivate and conquer.What is needed now is for everyone to be part of a solution.

Sevendust - Denial

sevendust "black" acoustic

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Singer Melody Myers 10/15 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Singer Melody Myers 10/15 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

This will be a great opportunity to introduce you to Melody Myers. She is a great talent; she is a singer, model and actress. I found her on the web and it's our pleasure to bring her to you.

Head to for more information. We will interview Ms. Myers on October 15th at 7:30 pm! Its going to be a great show with this up & coming talent.

Temple of Rock Pays Tribute To The 80's

  We are rocking on Hair Band Tuesday's trying to recapture the wholesome fun of our youth! Great tunes and a whole lot of fun. Join your Host & Rock Drummer Robbie Rodriguez on this hair band journey. We are paying tribute the these bands who've paved the way!

 Catch the show every Tuesday night on Hair Band Tuesday's at 7:30 pm. We want to rock with Rudy Sarzo and great musicians like him! Let's rock to Whitesnake, Dio, Ratt, Lita Ford, Dokken and so many more!

 Visit to follow the show!

Rock out with us!

Join me: Robbie Rodriguez

Bassist: Rudy Sarzo


Rocker: Lita Ford


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Asking Alexandria - Alerion

Asking Alexandria - "The Final Episode" Sumerian Records


Disciple scars remain

Temple of Rock: Music & Talent

Temple of Rock: Music & Talent: I've always had a profound love of music. It moves the mind, the body and spirit. All of us have some level of musical movement within us. O...

Music & Talent

I've always had a profound love of music. It moves the mind, the body and spirit. All of us have some level of musical movement within us. Our breathing, heart beat and overall existence is set to some musical pattern. Being a drummer has afforded me to feel magic on stages where no drug or beverage could ever take me. Not saying I've taken any! But, I can assure you music is a high, it can be such an emotional and magical experience; it inspires and elevates. For me drumming is the foundation of all musical structure, setting the pace, tempo and feel. Its just like the heart beat.

The Temple of Rock is that for me. A place in which a musician can set his or her sights on building a foundation in music. I'd like to extend an place to examine music, a place to break new bands, and just a forum to speak to issues from a true musicians perspective. If you are a fan of music, then I'd like for you to call in to our studio lines or get involved. Join the blog discussions, comment or support the blog or show! Your efforts can make the difference to bring great music to the masses.

If you know a great band or artist, please let me know! 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Potomac Records Artist Driven Livid 10/06 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Potomac Records Artist Driven Livid 10/06 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Come and hang out with your Host Robbie Rodriguez on the Temple of Rock! This Thursday we welcome Potomac Records Recording Artist Driven Livid. We'll speak with Front Man Jason Watson of the band.

Call the studio line at 424 757 1404 to speak with the Host & His Guest!

Temple of Rock on

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Politics County Government On The Temple of Rock 09/23 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Politics County Government On The Temple of Rock 09/23 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

If you're a Stafford County resident and you're looking for information or like to get to know your Candidate running for Stafford County Board of Supervisor, Mr. Charles Latimer then please take check out the show.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Politics County Government On The Temple of Rock 09/23 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Politics County Government On The Temple of Rock 09/23 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Come join us this Friday as we speak with Mr. Charles Latimer who is running for the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. The show starts at 7pm on Friday night on Temple of Rock.

The Temple of Rock Roll Call!

     We're excited with next weeks guest line up. On Wednesday night at 7 PM we will speak to retired United States Marine Corps Major, Dan Pantaleo as he recounts his experience and heroic actions at the Pentagon during the tragic events of 9/11. We will also discuss his new book; "Four Days At The Pentagon" and his feelings now, and then. This book is a true testament to those individuals injured then and now! The books proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Regiment. This interview will take place Wednesday night on on Temple of Rock. Join Host, Robbie Rodriguez on this tour of duty.

     On Thursday night we'll speak with Actress Jessica Cameron who was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto to study fashion. She been involved and cast in a number of roles for music videos, TV shows and feature films. Most recently she will be playing Princess Areola in the feature film Potpourri directed by Elliot Diviney. She just wrapped on the feature film Resurrection, directed by Jeff Burr. We are looking forward to having her on the show and discussing her film projects.

     We are honored to have Mr. Charles Latimer who is a former United States Marine on our show. He will wrap up our week with real political discussions of his vision for the County of Stafford. He is currently running for Stafford County Board of Supervisors in Stafford, VA. We will disscuss his military background, education and his vision for how he will best serve the County of Stafford. Join us on the Temple of Rock all next week for this great line up.

Check for times!

Major Dan Pantaleo:

Actress: Jessica Cameron:

Mr. Charles Latimer for County Supervisor of Stafford County, Virginia:

Finding That Inner Voice To Help You Break Through

Well, we are off to a great start. The Temple of Rock is now established! It's been about 3 years since I've ridden the commercial radio bucking bronco; so I'm a little rusty, but, I'm only a couple of episodes in and we have room to improve! I'm very determined to polish the show to expose you to some great content and make an impact. I seek to present a wide array of guests and topics on my show. I'm back on radio and I'm excited and determined to have fun and to do things on my own terms.

Commerical radio has changed a bit, but it's the power of the web, great relationships and networks which will provide the true measure of what a person can do! Never say never, and never under estimate the power of honest dealings with people. Money can buy all the fancy equiptment and gadgets in life; but it's the power of relationships and grass root efforts which moves mountains. I feel a belief in one self can truly propel a person forward to the next level. I've struggled in life a bit - But, I will not let my struggles define me. It's hard to step up sometimes when others attempt to block your path; don't let the negative undermine your truth growth. Never give up! If you believe in something with your whole heart seek it out. If you have a passion or a vision - believe in it and don't stop. My goal is not only to empower myself, but to also motivate others. Things aren't always what they seem. Really try to open your mind and eyes to great opportunities, things or people. Really reach your true self and figure out the truth within your own understanding. Let's continue to converse and support people. The good will always prevail! God bless.

Actress Jessica Cameron on Temple of Rock 09/22 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Actress Jessica Cameron on Temple of Rock 09/22 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Come join us as we spend 90 a Thursday night with Jessica Cameron. Great Actress and music on the Temple of Rock!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hair Band Tuesdays 09/13 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Hair Band Tuesdays 09/13 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Check this out! Here's another great opportunity to bring back the best time of your life! Hair Band Tuesday's, you know you really loved the 80's right? So kick of your shoes, sit back , relax and jam the tunes.

You know you can head bang with the best of them on Hair Band Tuesday's on the Temple of Rock!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rocking On The Air: Temple of Rock Kick Off Party & Tribute to 911

Rocking On The Air: Temple of Rock Kick Off Party & Tribute to 911: Come one, come all. Let's rejoice as we greet the Metal Gods at the Temple of Rock . Hang out with me, Robbie Rodriguez your host as we dust...

Temple of Rock Kick Off Party & Tribute to 911

Come one, come all. Let's rejoice as we greet the Metal Gods at the Temple of Rock. Hang out with me, Robbie Rodriguez your host as we dust off the old spandex and get out that can of Aqua Net. Get ready to spend your time with with us. Every Thursday night as we will delve into all things rock. We'll have entertainment & concert news. I'll even take your calls if you dare. Let's enjoy some awesome tracks as we kick back and chill with friends & family.

It's not a party with out the food right? Well we need to bring the spice, so we invited Celebrity Chef Christian Collins from Season 2 of Fox's smash show MasterChef. Christian will bring the heat to the Temple of Rock! This guy can cook, I wanted him to win. A great talent and Owner of

Also we'll have a very special guest to honor our fallen.This is a salute to our first responders, we will have the distinct honor & previlage to speak to Mr. James Hagner a former Honor Marine & New York City Fire Fighter who proudly served NY and country during its darkest hours on 911. We will talk to the highs and lows of both in serving this country twice. Let's take off our hats to our firemen, salute the troops, and our law enforcement folks as we hang out at the Temple of Rock.

Show Notes: is paying tribute to our men and women in uniform honoring the fallen on the heels of 911. We wan to remember those lost and celebrate those heros. Come join the show Sept 8 at 7 PM. Special guests, Christian Collins of MasterChef & James Hagner of NYFD Fire Fighter. Head to the link to register for free to follow the show.

See ya there!

Friday, September 2, 2011

 Life has always been so demanding! It can be a battle to just achieve the most simplistic things in life. Its so cool to have music as our musical back drop or sound track. I find my inspiration in music. It can set he mood and set most complicated situations on its head. When things get rough, we can all run away to another place in order to escape our inner pain or hurt. We can always tear down fearful situations or restore are inner strength. I can always count on my favorite artist to pick me up!

When you feel a strong love, you can always find that inspirational sound track to transcend all boundaries. We seek to be one in mind, one body and one spirit. Music helps us all to cope, to comprehend and sometimes to trascend and understand the human condition. Many just listen and can feel the power of this beautiful art form. But, if you are lucky enough to play an instrument, that is another level altogether.

Keep Rocking & Keep Listening.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Thrilling But Nice!

 It's so funny to be able to connect with old friends! I'm talking about one crazy guy in particular. This guy was an old friend of mine from my radio station days at 93.3 WFLS. If you tuned into the "Drive Home Thing" you'd know to whom I'd be referring too; yes its Mr. Mike Vincent, a great radio talent and great friend.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him a bit ago and had to laugh at some our antics. I'd forgotten about the morning he overslept. You see,  this fact is important in the larger scheme of things. You see, Mike was filling in for Brian Strobel who was our Morning Drive DJ, Brian held this spot for many years (Since Jesus was a little boy).

Anyway, Brian was on vacation, so Mike took over the duties for that week. You can imagie having to fill Brian's shoes for a week as the Morning Show Talent. Wel here comes the funny part; Mr. Mike Vincent was about 90 minutes away and had overslept. Now the reason he overslept is not your business - But, I can tell you he's a guy, so I'll leave it at that!

I was on the Air and needed to make the hand off; now picture this - I've been on the air all night long. I was tired and wanted to go home. Now I get the call!!! He is running late...I'm laughing my ass off. You know why? I'm the new kid on the block. I get to run the Morning Show. Hot damn!! I perked up quick brother & sisters, LMAO ...Here I am the new guy on a 50,000 Watt station running the Morning show it was priceless.

Now imagine this - I'm on the air and these are the words I mutter:

This is the "Country Kickin Puerto Rican, Robbie Rodriguez" - In for Mike Vincent - Who is Supposed to be in for Brian Strobel...I was dying of laughter...At that moment, I look over to our news room as Mrs. Penny Wack is laughing as well. I was loving it...In the meantime our Program Director Mr. Jon Reid was calling in to the studio to find out where in the hell Mike was!! It was so funny! This is why I love what I do!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Temple of Rock

      My new radio show promises to be filled with crazy fun guests, skits, prank calls and music. Come one come all - Spend time in the Pit!  I'm looking forward to discussing all things rock with you. We can talk about drumming or vocals and everything in between. I've played about five instruments since elementary school, so its in the blood. I've always had a true love of music and the process of putting what is felt down on paper. This is a true passion and I want to share that with you.

      Spread the word, if you'd like to stop in and chat or just kick back and listen, please do. It's all about Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock, Alternative, and anything else I can throw in. Hang out with the Temple of Rock with your Host & Rock Drummer Robbie Rodriguez on