Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Sexy Temple of Rock Promo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RockRadio993 Logo Contest

Get the Word Out!!!
   Attention! Attention! If you are a talented Graphic Artist or Photographer; and you're in the graphic arts business and you're seeking to reach today's social savvy crowd, then read on!

  New Evolution Entertainment and RockRadio993 are looking to partner with you in the New Year. We want to inspire your artistic expression. If you can throw down to design our station logo; and if you're crowned the winner on February 1st, 2012; you or your company, will be featured and positioned as our Sponsor. You'll have your brand or logo on our website and on the air. We will roll out the red carpet to provide aggressive advertisement on our station to illuminate your product or service.

  So what are you waiting for? Get working - We are excited to see what you come up with!


1. The Logo will become property of New Evolution Entertainment & RockRadio993.
2. Submit as many Logo versions as you'd like before the cut off deadline on January 28, 2012.
3. We will announce the winner on our website. Our Sales Director will contact the winner prior.
4. Please submit your logo in the following format:
       JPEG, Please 3 sizes. Provide the following sizes 776 x192 / 700 x 500 / 120 x 60
5. The winner will be contacted directly.
6. Please submit your name, address, contact number and e-mail information to

7. Logo should consist of the following: RockRadio993 " Bringing The Music To You"
   ( Letters in Red and Numbers in Black)
8. We are a Rock Format and we're looking for professionalism and unique creative flare.
9. Once the winner is determined we will start our process to bring the winner on as our Sponsor for a year. We will provide advertisement, logo or banner space on our website, links and mentions on our live shows.
10. Open to all. You must be 18 years old to participate in this contest.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Join The Music Movement

  What's up Rockers! Good evening to you - We're getting ready to take center stage and start slamming Rock and Metal down your ear hole! We are excited to Rock the community. We hope to partner with great sponsors, advertisers and bands to bring our brand of Radio to you. RockRadio993 is looking for great businesses to partner up with. These relationships will enable us to rock day and night! If you're interested in partnering with us please reach out:  We are kicking the door down to the New Year, We'd like to do it in style with great business partners. We have great marketing packages to help your business!

 RockRadio993 supports local and independent music! FYI - We also support the ARTS.


Robbie Rodriguez
Program Director / On Air Jock
RockRadio993/Temple of Rock

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Turkey with all the fixings

Turkey with all the fixings

Check out my rant on Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Construction Continues On RockRadio993

   We're very excited about bringing our fans Rock & Metal on our terms. The Temple of Rock will continue to rock on our new radio station venture, RockRadio993. This station is currently evolving and forming as we speak, it will soon hit the airwaves in early 2012. Again, in addition to Temple of Rock  you'll have the opportunity to rock to other shows on the station:

The Crypt

 The Lab

Mic Check

Throw Down  

   We are looking forward to partnering with great sponsors and advertisers who'd like to move forward to support our brand of radio. We seek to assault you with great music and so much more 24 hours/7 days a week.

   RockRadio993 promises to provide robust streaming and promises to support the local and national music scene. We believe in providing a voice to untapped talent. As the Program Director I hope to seek out new and talented bands to showcase on the show. We look forward to bringing you our brand of radio. We want the scenes support to continue to rock!

   I wanted to introduce our staff & team members assisting me in building this great station! Veteran Radio Sales Account Representative, Ms. Karen Morton who has taken the reigns as our Sales Director.

   We have Graphic Artist & Professional Photographer, Mr. Anthony Ortiz heading up our Graphic Arts department. Veteran Radio Personality & Voice Over Talent, Ms. Dee Stevens is overseeing our Radio Production. Rounding out our outreach team, we have C-Rod who will provide leadership and direction for the Rockradio993 Street Team.

  We are excited to roll the station out and hope you all will come along for the ride!

Robbie Rodriguez
Program Director / On Air Personality
Temple of Rock
Rock Radio993

Ultima Music Blog: Interview with Godsic (Text)

Ultima Music Blog: Interview with Godsic (Text): Recently, I got the chance to get an interview with the lead singer of an up and coming Swedish melodic death metal band, ...

GodSic on Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 12/03 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

GodSic on Mic Check on the Temple of Rock 12/03 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio

Check out our interview with Rick who is the lead guitarist for the Swedish band GodSic! Great interview. If you enjoy bands like In Flames, Soil Work you will love GodSic!

Great guy! We wish the band all the best! Maybe they'll hit the states soon!