Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sponsorships for the Temple of Rock

   Hey now! It's Thursday night and I'm just home relaxing; its been a long day and I've been trying to change the world one day at a time. It's hard trying to take from Peter to pay Paul kind of thing! The economy sucks right now and I know people are struggling - I'm included in that, trust me! Network - Network - Network! That is the name of the game. We all need to become creative to survive in this job marker. Jobs aren't so easy to find huh? If you lost one, then you know it's taking some of us months to locate one!

   I'm hoping to introduce some Sponsorships and Sponsors to my show, this will assist with that money crunch thing. I'll make some cash to take care of my obligations! If you are truly in my world or being nosy - like some of my ex's or bill collectors, then you know what I mean; for those who think entertainment is just fun all the time you're sadly mistaken. Its a lot of work to produce, compose, arrange or work in entertainment - Yes, the final product is great...wether you rock in front of a camera, you sing, dance or play in a band, its work! Don't forget producing a show on the radio is hard work too! Some way - somehow, we have to make a living! We have bills too! So, if you are following me for entertainment, or your just following me to see if I'm truly working. I've got news for you! Hell -Yes- I'm working two jobs my day job and this one! It may not be the amount of cash I need or want, but I'm trying to get the Man off my back, all I can do is keep trying!

  So, if you have a product or service and you're in need of getting the word out about something. Hit us up! We can provide you with some price points or rates to advertise your stuff. It's a win - win for both you and I! My goal is to help you push your stuff, and I get to pay some of my many obligations which will allow me to resume my life in peace again!

 So, help me out - advertise or have us produce a spot for you or you can hire us to rock your party!

Throw me a bone dude! You can do it, you know you want too!

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