Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding That Inner Voice To Help You Break Through

Well, we are off to a great start. The Temple of Rock is now established! It's been about 3 years since I've ridden the commercial radio bucking bronco; so I'm a little rusty, but, I'm only a couple of episodes in and we have room to improve! I'm very determined to polish the show to expose you to some great content and make an impact. I seek to present a wide array of guests and topics on my show. I'm back on radio and I'm excited and determined to have fun and to do things on my own terms.

Commerical radio has changed a bit, but it's the power of the web, great relationships and networks which will provide the true measure of what a person can do! Never say never, and never under estimate the power of honest dealings with people. Money can buy all the fancy equiptment and gadgets in life; but it's the power of relationships and grass root efforts which moves mountains. I feel a belief in one self can truly propel a person forward to the next level. I've struggled in life a bit - But, I will not let my struggles define me. It's hard to step up sometimes when others attempt to block your path; don't let the negative undermine your truth growth. Never give up! If you believe in something with your whole heart seek it out. If you have a passion or a vision - believe in it and don't stop. My goal is not only to empower myself, but to also motivate others. Things aren't always what they seem. Really try to open your mind and eyes to great opportunities, things or people. Really reach your true self and figure out the truth within your own understanding. Let's continue to converse and support people. The good will always prevail! God bless.

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