Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are you looking to break into the music business?

                                Check out Potomac Records: presents the Temple of Rock.  Your Host Robbie Rodriguez is proud to be affiliated professionally with Potomac Records. We wanted to provide you with some information on how you can break into the business or enhance your packages if you are an artist:

                                   Potomac Records Services

What Can Potomac Records Do For You?

Potomac Records
is completely aware of the time, dedication, and money invested in order to reach your goals and achieve success in the music business. All of us here at Potomac have multiple offerings to help get your career on the right track.

In every major city like the Washington DC area, you can find a host of studios to record your music. This is where Potomac Records separates itself from the rest, not only do we provide industry standard / professional quality recordings at an affordable rate, but a plan is also put in to place to market the release. If you have already tracked new recordings but are looking for Label representation, Potomac Records can provide the tools needed to launch the new EP/LP.

Contact the Artist Relations Dept at for pricing based on your needs. Payment plans are available.

· Artist Studio Recordings – Potomac Records Engineers Kirk Chaney and Pete Evick will provide beginning to end recording, production, and mastering for your new release. Master disk will be provided to the artist upon completion of recording.

· Digital Distribution – Worldwide
As an Artist representing Potomac Records, your music will be available at 101 Digital Media Outlets in 232 Countries (iTunes,, Napster, eMusic, Spotify, Zune, and more… ). Digital Media is here, and the future of music industry sales. CDs are quickly becoming the Cassette Tape or 8 Track of the 70's and 80's. Potomac Records has all of the tools to effectively market your music electronically (Domestic and International).

· Custom USB DrivesTo replace CD distribution, Potomac Records will provide custom USB drives for Artist to sell at Live performances. USB will include custom graphics (band name and/or album cover image) on the USB; includes all tracks; Electronic Press Kit (EPK); Artist / Album graphics, Bio/Lyrics/Thank you’s, etc..

· Artist Marketing Cards – Potomac Records graphics department will provide Artist Marketing cards to help increase awareness and drive online sales.

· Compact Disks – Potomac Records’ business model is Go Green! Go Digital!, and encourages Artists to promote purchasing through the Digital Media outlets available - iTunes,, eMusic, Napster, Spotify, and more (101 Digital Media outlets total/Worldwide). Potomac Records can provide the new release on CD for Artist to sell at Live performances. CD’s are not be distributed nationally.

· Booking / Artist Management – As an additional service provided to our Artists, Potomac Records can assist with local and national touring.

Legal – Utilize our contacts and relationships! Let Potomac Records assist with the right Legal representation to ensure you protect your investment and career.

Coming Soon! Potomac Records Artist' Gift Cards. We are currently working on distribution of Artist Gift Cards (similar to iTunes Gift Cards) to local DC/VA area businesses. The artist gift card will include custom graphics (Artist name / Album cover image), and a serial code to download the new release.

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