Saturday, October 1, 2011

Music & Talent

I've always had a profound love of music. It moves the mind, the body and spirit. All of us have some level of musical movement within us. Our breathing, heart beat and overall existence is set to some musical pattern. Being a drummer has afforded me to feel magic on stages where no drug or beverage could ever take me. Not saying I've taken any! But, I can assure you music is a high, it can be such an emotional and magical experience; it inspires and elevates. For me drumming is the foundation of all musical structure, setting the pace, tempo and feel. Its just like the heart beat.

The Temple of Rock is that for me. A place in which a musician can set his or her sights on building a foundation in music. I'd like to extend an place to examine music, a place to break new bands, and just a forum to speak to issues from a true musicians perspective. If you are a fan of music, then I'd like for you to call in to our studio lines or get involved. Join the blog discussions, comment or support the blog or show! Your efforts can make the difference to bring great music to the masses.

If you know a great band or artist, please let me know! 

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