Friday, October 14, 2011

Entertainment & Music

   Wow, its been a busy month; I've spoken with several artists this month! Its so surreal, yet so much fun! In a months time, things will change for me and for others in the industry. I truly seek to contribute where I can to push and promote great music. This can only happen with your help. You need to get the word out that the Temple of Rock is here on 

   My goal on the Temple of Rock is to bring back that excitement we've once felt growing up listening to our iconic musical heroes. We all just wanted to be able to see and hear our favorite bands. I'd stay up late every night when I was a kid. I just wanted to listen to my favorite bands our attempt to play and instrument or dream I was going to become famous. I spent countless hours trying to master a new riff on my bass. These are the times I've treasured most, it was an innocent time in our lives, a life filled with laughter and joy. I had my fill of long hours being behind a drum kit trying to become famous the next Neil Peart.

   I remember laughing my ass off and gigging with my old band Criminal; I recall all the good times we all shared back in the 80s. Life has changed for so many of us, times are rough right now with the economy the way it is. Its important to escape from time to time; we all have to clear our minds from time to time to accomplish that place we all seek in our minds, that place called zen. I hope to call on and bring on new blood for the show. My goal is to pay tribute to those rockers who have paved the way throughout our years. My ultimate goal is to be a household name, while providing and producing a show which reeks of positive rock and roll vibes!

   We need to increase our numbers at shows and events. We need to support traveling musicians and entertainers who are working so hard to bring us great music and entertainment. Don't forget - before some of our favorite bands have become our iconic heroes; they were all once just a simpler local band! Let's not forget that, support your local bands. 

  I was able to hang out last night at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA. I was invited down to the club by Saint Diablo's front man! We had a great time, I witnessed Saint Diablo on stage, Cannibus Corpse, All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder and so much more!

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