Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mic Check on the Temple of Rock

  Due to popular demand we are thrilled to bring you Mic Check on the Temple of Rock. We've had great pleasure in speaking too and meeting with local and independent artists. Each seeking to expand their reach within the music community.We'd like to assist new up & coming artist's in their quest. If you are a solo artist or band trying to inspire, motivate and expand your audience, get in contact with us.

  Your Host, Robbie Rodriguez will jump into the fray to discuss music, marketing and your passion for the craft. He is also a Bassist and Drummer - The Temple of Rock is a station for the arts. We'd like the musical community and its fans to support the show as we help support the artist's. Get your entertainment news, touring information and great insightful interviews on the Temple of Rock. We will discuss why a track was arranged, techniques, composition and arrangements - If your a techno freak, we'll even discuss equipment!

 We will also interview actors,actresses, authors, singers and record companies as will so reach out to us on the Temple of Rock!

  Hang out Tuesday nights on the new show. Mic Check on only on the Temple of Rock!

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