Friday, November 18, 2011

Cindy Rodeo Steedle Driven Livid on Temple of Rock 11/21 by RockRadio993 | Blog Talk Radio

Cindy Rodeo Steedle Driven Livid on Temple of Rock 11/21 by RockRadio993 Blog Talk Radio


Cindy "Rodeo" Steedle rose to fame in 2007 as a contestant on VH1's "Rock of Love" captivating viewers with her steadfast attitude and her charming affection, and of course her laugh. Her appealing charisma landed further appearances on "Rock of Love" seasons 2 and 3, the number one hit VH1 series "I Love Money," and "Charm School" with Sharon Osborne. In 2010, Cindy was featured on the hit VH1 show "Rock of Love Girls, where are they now?" Off camera, Rodeo has used her notability to bring awareness to a cause close to her heart, Save the Horses. She continues to work as a personal trainer, fitness model, and spokeswomen for a fitness supplement company. She is also embarking on a new adventure to host her own show that inspires people, motivates healthy lifestyles and positive stories; and DIMI is working to make this show happen.

Driven Livid:

Resurrected from the ashes of a haunting and violent upbringing, New Orleans native & French Quarter musician Jason Scott Watson was sent out to face the world at an early age and has spent his life capturing the feel and vibe of his voodoo infested homeland of Louisiana and tied it together with his passion, anger and heightened awareness of the world and its infinite problems to bring you songs, sounds, and stories as raw as the long forgotten delta blues, and as powerful as southern metal royalty Pantera, ALICE n CHAINS, and Megadeth. Joined along the same road by writer, composition artist, and paranormal lead guitarist Dan Miranda, DRIVEN LIVID brings you their debut release“ZERO 2 HERO” that has taken a lifetime to make. A ‘collection of everything we all want to say and have felt in our darkest times and loudest outrages, be it about public and domestic violence and hypocrisy, the politically correct and racism, abandonment, world crises or government tyranny.

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