Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lethal Chaos Is Unleashed on RockRadio993!


Friday, March 30, 2012

The Interview with James Mangini is now released!

Tune into RockRadio993 for the 1000 Mile Marathon interview with James Mangini  this is the man running to raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease you can access our 24-7 Online Rock & Metal Stream at or our blog page at Find the Boom Box to access t...he stream page! Once you are there you can head to the On Demand List and check the 3rd option: James Mangini to listen or you can head up to the top of the page to click on one of 4 Icons which trigger your computers Player, thank you for supporting the station! Thank Janine Savoca you got a show out too!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Way Home

We just got off the phone with Mr. James Mangini who is the founder of 1000 Mile Marathon. On May 7th, 2012 he will run 1000 Miles to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and funds for research. He is embarking on this challenge to honor ...the millions of people with Parkinson’s disease, including his father who was diagnosed several years ago. It’s been challenging for his father, and he is proud to see his strength through all of this. He hasn’t let Parkinson’s stop him from continuing his passion umpiring little league baseball, and being a great dad. He’s the kind of person that would give you the world if he could.

The Parkinson’s community inspires and encourages me each day. he is awe when he hears their stories of strength and will. So he is excited for this this 30-day journey, giving him the opportunity to honor the Parkinson’s community.

RockRadio993 will jump into an interview with him tomorrow night and we will follow his full run with interviews and video every week, I'm honored to help to bring attention to this cause.

Robbie Rodriguez, PD and Host of RockRadio993

K O D A Releases Raw Rehersal Tracks

 We've added several unmastered tracks for KODA, The album "Back To The Beginning" KODA is a Fredericksburg, VA based Progressive Rock band. All instrumental music. The tracks are rotating currently on ...RockRadio993, these tracks are about 10 years old; Program Director, Robbie Rodriguez had not kept a copy of KODA's work in all these years. I've recently released them to air this morning. KODA will once again return to the studio to refine and complete the album. We will pick up where we left off 10 years ago. We have grown and we have progressed in our skill set throughout the years. I'm excited to head back into the studio to showcase our new skills! KODA is: Robbie Rodriguez on Drums, James Desanto Guitar, Tom Molder Guitar, Rich Smith on Bass. The album " Back To The Beginning"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dirty Junky Whore

We are proud to present Potomac Recording Artist, Tilt.

We are proud to represent Tilt. Please contact:

Robbie Rodriguez
New Evolution Entertainment Management / RockRadio993
For Booking 888 200 2157

Oceans Ate Alaska - Clocks [Official Video]

Capture The Crown - You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife! OFFICIAL MUS...

Killer Track.....Listen to this!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TILT - FMA (For Mature Audiences) Sex, Drugs, Language

 Check out the new album FMA, Sex, Drugs, Language from TILT on Potomac Records. Available on itunes and anywhere digital music can be downloaded. Here we are at Q-Balls, Cafe & Billards in Fredericksburg, VA we celebrated this great album last evening! TILT gearing up to tour soon!

TILT working with New Evolution Entertainment Management. We are proud to represent TILT and work with Pete Evick & Mike Bailey of Potomac Records.

"BANG LOUD" by ALMOST KINGS (official video)

Almost Kings  is coming to Q - Balls Cafe & Billards in Fredericksburg, VA on April 19th with Super Bob! Two great bands throwing down!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 Count Down On RockRadio993 Every Saturday At 3 PM

This Weeks Top Ten Every Saturday at 3:00 pm on RockRadio993

1. Only Ashes Remain - Deliver Us From Evil
2. Still Born Life - Godsic
3. The Middle - King Whack
4. Shine - Madrone
5. Senora Paranoia - Saint Diablo
6. Ride Along - Six Barrel Syndicate
7. Wishing Eye - Slam Cartel
8. Lies - Tattered
9. The Blood Falls - Ashes of Amber
10. Answers - Awake at Last

Front Row #24 | Temple of Rock's Robbie Rodriguez

Deliver US From Evil

 You need to catch Deliver US From Evil. Now on RockRadio993. Great Metal! Enough Said!

Tune into the station to rock with Deliver Us From Evil

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Lost A Great Radio Talent & Great Guy!

I'm stunned that we lost Brian Strobel - I'm sitting here at 10:24 pm with tears streaming down my face. I can't believe it...I handed the show off to Brian for about eight years at WFLS...I remember joking with him every morning and helping him prepare for his morning show. He always had me locate additional facts and items for his show, since I worked the overnight show at the station for those years. My Heart is broken tonight, I remember a true professional, mentor and friend. He will be missed by so many people...My deepest condolences to his family! He was a really great man on the AIR - But a greater guy off the Air! He had a great way about him and was sooooo funny. I will miss you man! God keep you and God Bless your family....As we both would always say: YEAH BABY!!! Wow, we lost a great man!

Brian Strobel was a 40 year veteran of radio. He was struck and killed as he walked his dog in Spotslyvania, VA Wednesday afternoon. He was pronounced dead at the scene. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and fans.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Movie Coming Out Soon Dark Realm

We recently had the opportunity to interview Gothic Illusionist & Actor, Ron Fitzgerald on you can catch the interview on our station as it rotates all week long on RockRadio993. We also caught up with Director & Actor, Vincent Bilancio who stepped in to take on camera duty on this project in order to assist Ron Fitzgerald with this new and exciting project.

Dark Realm brings the best of horror and magic; It's guaranteed to bring you the best seat in the house. You'll have an electrifying performance on film that will shock you; you'll have on a really unique perspective of stage illusions which will mystify you!

We reached out to Author, Sue Dent the writer behind Electric Angel. Check out this crazy interview! It was horrifying, informative and funny! We had a blast this past Sunday as we discussed this film. Here is your chance to become a producer on a film or even have an opportunity to walk on set to be part of the cast on Dark Realm. All the details online - Check out the interview!

Robbie Rodriguez

Monday, March 5, 2012

   We are always looking for contributory writers and photo journalists who are interested in partnering with us to push the local and national music scene. If you'd like to be considered. Please submit your letter of interest along with a writing sample to


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gotye performing "Somebody That I Used To Know" on KCRW

GOTYE coming to 9:30 Club March 22, 2012 in Washington, DC! This song has become a world wide favorite!

Our New Editor At The Temple of Rock Magazine


Our staff would like to introduce you to Ms. Sue Dent, Sue has authored three outstanding literary works which are carried and published by Black Bed Sheet Books. She has recently accepted this position and will provide us with her editing skills. We are proud to have her at the Temple of Rock Magazine  She brings a wealth of knowledge, along with a fond love of writing.

We are proud to roll out this new magazine, yet its a bit early in the game, but we wanted to present the Back Stage Pass format as our media offerings grow. We will show you where we've come from and where we are going - from inception to the finished product! Everyone needs to crawl before they can run;  we are surrounded by great talent which will take the magazine to new heights.

As with our station, we are currently coming into our own. We are evolving and as the content, stories and articles take on new ground. We are sure to bring in, and partner with, awesome advertisers to really start to grow the concept and our reach. We are adjusting the overall look and feel of the magazine.

We want you to notice the changes and our movement and we hope to capture some creative individuals along the way who share in our vision! I've had the opportunity to manipulate some great software and magazine programs. Trust me, we've picked out some cool layouts and programs to provide you with a great experience. I've decided to unleash these concepts a bit later; however, the crust of our full look is still under wraps, you won‘t be disappointed!

We are currently working to secure funding with our Kick Starter campaign and through advertising and hard work, we will roll out great product for our readers.

So stick around, we promise to bring it!