Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inner Changes

 Its been a lot of hard work to bring you the Temple of Rock; you can catch the show on Tuesday's and Thursday's on We've really enjoyed the music and would really like  to break other bands in! As the Program Director for the show, I seek to provide great opportunities and support for new and established players.

I normally have seen teen aged attempts to impress impulse bands. We are so happy to push our new artists forward  - Our big push and efforts are forging forwarding to provide musical movement for those who I'd to take off. In order to expand the reach of each player. We believe that our issues with the major labels and lack of support in the A & R fields as a whole are a big problem. Should any musical selections be dropped on the Temple of Rock, you can rest assured that we will address it. We will continue to support our musicians and the community as a whole.

We also would like to find artists or musician's who are ready. I'm glad to mention that the TV show Front Row and Potomac Records are also ready to step a head to illuminate issues and celebrate music.We have to continue to network and to provide a positive environment, which would be a path to stardom. Its great to see youngsters and the young at heart trying to formulate a plan to motivate and conquer.What is needed now is for everyone to be part of a solution.

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