Friday, September 2, 2011

 Life has always been so demanding! It can be a battle to just achieve the most simplistic things in life. Its so cool to have music as our musical back drop or sound track. I find my inspiration in music. It can set he mood and set most complicated situations on its head. When things get rough, we can all run away to another place in order to escape our inner pain or hurt. We can always tear down fearful situations or restore are inner strength. I can always count on my favorite artist to pick me up!

When you feel a strong love, you can always find that inspirational sound track to transcend all boundaries. We seek to be one in mind, one body and one spirit. Music helps us all to cope, to comprehend and sometimes to trascend and understand the human condition. Many just listen and can feel the power of this beautiful art form. But, if you are lucky enough to play an instrument, that is another level altogether.

Keep Rocking & Keep Listening.

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