Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Movie Coming Out Soon Dark Realm

We recently had the opportunity to interview Gothic Illusionist & Actor, Ron Fitzgerald on www.RockRadio993.vpweb.com you can catch the interview on our station as it rotates all week long on RockRadio993. We also caught up with Director & Actor, Vincent Bilancio who stepped in to take on camera duty on this project in order to assist Ron Fitzgerald with this new and exciting project.

Dark Realm brings the best of horror and magic; It's guaranteed to bring you the best seat in the house. You'll have an electrifying performance on film that will shock you; you'll have on a really unique perspective of stage illusions which will mystify you!

We reached out to Author, Sue Dent the writer behind Electric Angel. Check out this crazy interview! It was horrifying, informative and funny! We had a blast this past Sunday as we discussed this film. Here is your chance to become a producer on a film or even have an opportunity to walk on set to be part of the cast on Dark Realm. All the details online - Check out the interview!

Robbie Rodriguez

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