Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Music Professionals Are Saying!

Singer & Producer
For the first time in seven years, the music industry grew in 2011. All signs point to 2012 being the best year for the music industry in a decade. This is the result of an industry evolving into a more niche oriented market and the emergence of online downloads replacing CD sales over the past several years. With Temple Of Rock, fans all over the world are enjoying the re-emergence of ROCK (finally!), now online 24 hours a day. You can listen at work, you can listen at home, and you can rock out to the unsigned bands that will define the next wave of Hard Rock/Metal! With a steady stream of classic heavy metal and a nod to the current sounds of modern heavy rock emerging, Temple Of Rock is leading the charge for rock to return to prominence. Support unsigned artists all around the world who are now rocking out on Rock Radio 993, THE Temple Of Rock!!!

 -Jeff Brasfield, singer and songwriter for KAGE and Thicker Than Water, producer and co-writer for several new artists slated for release in 2012.

Management & Promotions

"Temple of Rock Radio is a pillar amongst the local/internet radio stations. Providing professionalism within the community. And an undying support for local music and it's reaches to new ears."

- Tony Wilson, Owner & Band Management 

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