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Tim Turner Jr. an NBA hopeful sits down with RockRadio993 DJ


Tim Turner Jr. an NBA hopeful sits down with RockRadio993 DJ
RockRadio 99.3's, Robbie Rodriguez sits down and interviews a very talented and possible NBA prospect, Mr. Tim Turner...This young man is doing everything possible to hit the big court.
 We sit down with Tim Turner in Stafford, Virginia to speak a bit about his love for the game of basketball.
Tell me a little bit about yourself:
Name: My name is Tim Turner Jr.

RockRadio993: How old are you?
Tim: 24 years old

RockRadio993: Where are you from originally?
Tim:  I'm from Stafford. You can say I'm a "Military brat" I've lived a few places, born in Cherry Point, NC then to southeast DC to MD to Ocean Side, California back to the DMV where VA became home.

  RockRadio993: How many years have you live there?
   Tim: About 15yrs

   RockRadio993:  Tell me a little bit about your family?
 My family is my everything. The greatest mother and father Michele and Timothy Turner Sr. Two sisters that make up my heart Quanika 27 and Faith 8. Well I'm special I have two moms if I let my older sister tell it.

RockRadio993: We know you have a love for sports did your family support you?
Tim: My family support is all I have ever had. When coaches doubted me, didn't help me get to the next level, when no one was there my family was. They are my motivation.

1. How did you get involved in sports?
From the womb I came out ballin, I was exposed to sports as early as 4 I started playing football and about 8 or 9 for basketball. My dad played sports I remember watching him play ball. I was always active it came natural.

2. Who was your inspiration?
My inspiration would have to be Michael Jordan, because he was the greatest to do it; Deion Sanders because he was the best at what he did and would put on a show doing it; Allen Iverson because he changed the game in his own way and was the best to do it at his size; and my mom because she gave me the greatest gift of life, she's the G.O.A.T(Greatest of All Time)

3. Why did you pick basketball?
 Coming out of high school it was a toss up between football and basketball. I sent unlimited tapes, emails, and calls to schools and I feel basketball chose me. I honestly wanted to play football but I felt slept on, no schools really showed interest so a door opened for me to play basketball at a good level and I ran through it.

4. What did your training regiment look like early on?
  Early on training was life. I would go from football straight to basketball season then on to the AAUs and Pop Warner football back to school sports, so there was never time to slow down. I spent numerous hours and days in gyms by myself, it was more a mental maturing and molding regiment early on.

5. Has your training changed since then?
  My training hasn't changed, a little more drastic since I'm my biggest critic and I'm hard on myself so its just a lot of work I try to put in, a lot of late nights, less sleep but you have to sacrifice in order to be great and I'm Destine for Greatness (#D4G: my movement)

6. How did you hone your skills?
  When I have a serious passion for something I believe there is no stopping me. When I finally chose basketball I went all in, lived on the court and just had a desire to experience the game wholeheartedly.

7. Any particular coaches in your life shape your game?
 Honestly, not one coach sat me down and discussed my game. Each coach I had just ran with my abilities and let me work I pushed myself more than anyone. My high school coach, Joe Kania, wasn't sure how good I would be; my 1st college coach at Columbia Union College, Calvin Dunbar saw my potential, I averaged 18ppg ; my 1st coach at Davis and Elkins College, Amrit Rayfield recruited me saying "you'll average maybe 11" I averaged 22ppg that year; my 2nd coach at D&E, Bruce Martin, encouraged me to be the best me I could be. All in all, they pushed me by doubting me.

8. What was your sports career like in high school?
 2003-2007 was the greatest four years of my life. It went football season straight to basketball season, I never tried out for high school basketball. My Junior year we won the Commonwealth District Championship in basketball (vs the great Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith may I add lol). I actually hit a game winner or half court shot all four years of high school it was a exciting time for me. All Northeast Region athlete in both sports. From scoring touchdowns to hitting game winners, high school made me who I am. Go figure I won most athletic in my school in 2007.

9. What college did you attend, and was it in reference to attempting to get into the NBA?
  Fresh out of Brooke Point High School I attended Columbia Union College (now known as Washington Adventist University) in MD then transferred to Davis and Elkins College in WV. Every decision I have made has been in attempt to go as far as I can and to over achieve, so yea it was in attempt to put me in a better position to get to the NBA.

10. What are you doing now to attempt to try to enter the NBA?
Currently, I am still diligently working, everyday I'm doing something to improve myself whether in the gym or on the court. I'm in need of an agent so I'm looking for good representation I've been a few places for NBA Dleague camps and individual team tryouts to exposure camps, agency camps just trying to get myself out there, since this profession is about who you know.

11. Tell me a little bit about the strings of your game?
 My game has evolved from high school. I went from being a defensive role player to an offensive assassin. I graduated from college scoring 2,071 career points, that's a 20ppg career average. Every gym I step in I here "shooter" I love it but I like to think I'm a all around guard. At 6'1 they tell me I'm a point guard, and I'm all about it all for it, but there's nothing I cant do on the court.

12. Speak to the highlights of your most important game? High School it was either a game vs Colonial Forge, we were down 1 or 2 and I hit a 3 to win the game at the buzzer and my brothers (best friends) were right there on the court when I turned around. Coach Joe Kania told me before that game "Big time players make big time plays in big time games" and I showed up, it felt great. Or the rival game versus North Stafford when my point guard Rocky Ullah got hurt early in the game and I had to carry us. I scored like 26 points had the crowds going crazy, chants were in full affect, no one from the area will let me forget those two moments. In college, my junior year I had a career night versus Bluefield State I scored 41 points hit 10 threes but we barely won the game. In a critical timeout my coach Bruce Martin goes "what should we do?" and one of my teammates was like "give Tim the ball" and we pulled it out. I can also go to my final collegiate game at Charleston University, we had played them twice already that year and I was determined to get a W. I had like 36 points, left my heart on the court. I'll never forget they had a "Ultimate Fan" who had gotten to me in previous years, but the crowd had poster cards of all the shots I had missed for the year and was letting me have it this game. We lost by like 3 but at the end the "Ultimate Fan" came up to me and told me that was the most impressive performance he had seen at their school in years" while devastated it meant a lot.

13. What does the game mean to you?
  The game is me! It's frustrating because the term "ball is life" describes me to the t , but everybody screams that now days. I wake up/go to sleep thinking about the next time I will get to lace up, put a jersey on, the next shot I'll see go through the net, the next move I need to work on. I'm built for this I can play with anybody, on any level and any size all because I have the heart to compete, you cant teach that!

14. What is your ultimate dream?
 My ultimate dream is to be a story you cant deny, to prove that dream chasing and hard work truly pays off. I want to be somebody in this world that's an inspiration to peoples lives not through talk but action. My dream would be to go to a city and impact it like Allen Iverson in Philly, Hometown Washington Wizards would be my ideal situation. I don't desire the fame or the money, I need the game in my life to complete me.

15. If you can change something in the past what would that be?
 I'm learning to live with no regrets, I did great individually, IF anything I want more wins for my schools.

16. What do you think you can change right now to help you reach your goal?
That's the million dollar question. I'm not sure, maybe networking, plugging myself like I'm use to in attempt to get in front of the right people. I am in search of an legit agent who sees what I see. Every single team in the world from the NBA to overseas is going to have to tell me NO before I let this dream go. My mom has instilled in me "Standing on a mountain of No's for one yes" I'm about that life.

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