Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How To Access Our Station Online

Hey Rockers & Metal Heads:

This is your Host & Program Director, Robbie Rodriguez. I wanted to sincerely thank all those whom
stepped up to support our efforts. We are putting together a professional team to assist me in providing you with a great experience. We are being shown love from the rock community as a whole and we thank you!

First and foremost, we wanted to thank all the bands out there who step into dark basements and rehearsal spaces to produce this art! You'll find many fans of Hardcore Metal in all walks of life; you'll also find that we are educated, and fall in all socio economic brackets. Hats off to you all!

Here is Your Key To Rock:

How to Rock with RockRadio993! We are currently working with our programming department to create our FlashPlayer which will enable you to quickly enter the station stream by just clicking. We apologize for the extra steps you're taking to get from the Boom Box to the stream page.

We've been confusing listeners with our current path. As our station evolves and moves forward to our full blown operational status, we seek to provide some steps to access the station with ease. You are still seeing the BackStage Access at the station so please be patient! Allot more is coming your way!

Here are the steps:

1. Seek the site you'd like to access: www.RockRadio993.vpweb.com or www.rockradio993.blogspot.com

2. Seek out the Boom Box:

3. After the Boom Box it will take you to the stream page which you will see :

Now playing: Godsic - Premeditation (Online)                                                  Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime

Once you see the Artist which is Playing in the stream on the Left make your way to the 4 Icons to the Right which assist you with triggering the player for your computer system. One of the 4 Icons should trigger and open your music player!

4. Step four is to enjoy the station.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and rock with us!

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