Sunday, July 14, 2013

Interview with Guitarist Debbie Barlow Phelps of Twenty 12 Tribe

On air personality & drummer, Robbie Rodriguez of CARNIVAL OF NOISE had an opportunity to sit down with Debbie Barlow Phelps for a brief interview. Debbie is one of the powerhouse guitarist' and Rock Goddess of TWENTY 12 TRIBE, which was formerly known as SIC CIRCLE.

This was a unique opportunity for us to catch up on music and life! Debbie is a great musician and friend. I was thrilled to introduce you to a little bit of the Tribe. This was our second encounter; we've interviewed SIC CIRCLE on our live radio show last year - It was now time to bring you Twenty 12 Tribe.

RockRadio993: What does your band bring to the table that another band does not?

Debbie: I think the originality of our music sets us apart from most. We're heavy but also bring melody in the vocals. Also having two vocalists in the band. Being a Female Guitarist/Song writer in a male dominated industry is not always the norm.

RockRadio993: What contributions has your band made to the music industry?

Debbie: I have tried to keep up with the NOW of the industry going ons. We are our own machine in the sense that we're self sufficient when it comes to booking and promotions etc. and for a major label looking to sign us we are already creating a "buzz".

 RockRadio993: If I was a large record executive why should I listen to your band?

Debbie: I believe we have good songs.

RockRadio993: What are your short term goals?
Debbie:We are currently writing the next album. We are stoked to bring in producer Corey Lowery (Bassist for Eye Empire). He's working on new EE album too so trying to coordinate studio dates for the Fall.

RockRadio993: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Debbie: Touring full time!

RockRadio993: Why rock music? Would you change genre for a record company?

Debbie: No I would never change genres for a record company if its not "me" or what I do?! I grew up listening to different genres of music. My dad was in a rock band, and he taught me all my first riffs...chunky rock riffs, it's always been about the Rock Music for me. But, my iTunes playlist is pretty random, it has Jay-Z - to - Keith Urban, to Five Finger Death Punch and back to Michael Buble!

RockRadio993: Do you think you have the work ethic to compete with major tours?

Debbie: Honestly I work really really hard at booking the shows Twenty12 Tribe are on. Our goal is to get on a competitive tour as support by years end.

RockRadio993: What are some of the hurdles you've battled to move ahead?

Debbie: I think my ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2003 was probably the biggest hurdle. I had to step away from all things music, put my faith in God, and some really great doctors to get back to healthy. When I re-entered the scene, the industry had completely changed to what we know now. Re-learning the "business" is always a challenge.

By Robbie Rodriguez for RockRadio993

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